Palma 365: The competition

Every year nearly 5 million tourists visit Palma, attracted by a cosmopolitan city that is a byword for hospitality, friendly and accessible, open to the sea and the mountains, with nooks and byways full of surprises 365 days a year.

The Palma 365 Tourism Foundation and Palma City Council launched the 1st Palma 365 Photo Competition at the end of 2015 with the aim of capturing images that would show the most authentic side of Palma through photographs provided by the public at large. And it worked.

That’s why we wanted to keep this project going in 2018.

The 2nd Palma 365 Photo Competition is launching its invitation to participate in the same spirit of joining in. This time we’re looking for images that will help us explain that Palma is a city that lives 365 days a year. Photos that capture the appeal of the beach in winter or the magic of the city when spring arrives. But above all, images that tell us things, those everyday stories that make this city great and beautiful.

We also want to take a leap forward in the quality of the competition and make it more professional. We’re looking for entrants who, though not professionals, are passionate about photography. In line with this initiative, the jury, of professional photographers, will closely assess the contestants, who can win fantastic cash prizes as well as a special prize of photographic material to the value of €2,000.

The categories


Palma is like many other European cities, but with a certain something that makes it special. It has developed in recent decades, widening its range of options and turning into a city that never sleeps. And yet it still retains the magic of a Mediterranean city. The buildings, the streets, the people, the rhythm: everything marks it out as a city in the true sense of the word.

And Palma is also a mixture of cultures. Sharing our day-to-day way of life, contributing and adopting new customs. For the children who live multicultural lives, the Palma they know is richer than ever. Shops that transport you to every corner of the world. A true city of cities.

There’s room for all this and much more in a Cosmopolitan Palma photo.


As we know, Palma is a small city, and that’s what makes it so welcoming and friendly. This attractive city is the perfect setting in which life just happens. Strolling the streets, spending an afternoon on the beach, popping into a traditional wine shop or wandering down a side street in the centre. Wherever you go there’s something that makes you feel... at home.

And Palma is accessible and adapted to everyone. For years it’s been working to remove barriers and make it easy for all of us to enjoy the city on equal terms. And of course it’s a city looking out onto the sea and the outside world, a short flight away from any European city.

Which photo would you choose to describe this friendly, accessible side of Palma?


Palma Beach is one of the most iconic destinations on the island, which has unfortunately acquired an unfair reputation. But for those who really know this part of Palma it’s an area with many delightful hidden corners where local and outside elements rub shoulders, offering very special views with the sea as a backdrop.

It’s an increasingly modern space which year by year has been introducing better infrastructure to carry on being one of the prime tourist destinations in Europe.

Do you have what it takes to capture the essence of Palma Beach?


Nobody seeing a postcard of La Seu Cathedral would be in any doubt that it was Palma. But our city also harbours hidden spots and secrets that make it unique and different, and not so easily recognisable at first glance.

In this category we want to show the day-to-day life of the city, the things that happen in less typical but no less surprising parts of Palma. We want the world to see how tourists and residents experience and think of the city, from an intimate, personal perspective.

Can you surprise us with a photo of that special corner of Palma?

The ambassadors

The 2nd Palma 365 Photo Competition enjoys the collaboration and support of six noted photographers. Would you like to know who they are?

Let’s introduce them.

Ambassadors 2018

The organisers

Palma is taking firm strides towards its objective of consolidating its position as a major city destination 365 days a year.

That’s why the Palma 365 Tourism Foundation (FTP365) was created. This organisation is responsible for promoting the city to the outside world, with a view to turning the capital of Mallorca into an international tourist attraction in every month of the year.

One of the tasks of FTP365 is to produce and distribute promotional material on the city and the services Palma offers as a tourist destination, with the ultimate aim of attracting new visitors. This material is based, essentially, on images and photographs of the city that are included in posters, brochures and other creative graphic media.

The Palma 365 Photo Competition has a distinctive feature which is of crucial importance: the fact that the residents of Palma themselves, or those who visit us during their holidays, are the ones showing the city they live in and know. It’s a great example to follow as a collaborative project with the public and a resounding success the first time it was held, which we hope will be repeated now in the second competition.

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